Are You Addicted To Chocolate?

Are you addicted to chocolate? Join me on The List TV show, where I share how to resist eating all the chocolate in the world!


Theobroma Cacao, the Latin name for chocolate, means “Food of the Gods” 

Number 1:

Switch to dark chocolate… milk chocolate has little to no nutritional goodness, its just a lump of fat and sugar – white chocolate is even worse! Dark chocolate has nutrients and less sugar , it also has a richer taste so a little bite will satisfy you! There are even some health benefits that a small amount of dark chocolate daily, will help you to be happier and healthier!

Number 2:

Reframe your thinking – instead of thinking “I shouldn’t have that chocolate”, change your mindset. Think “ I want to be strong and healthy” or “I’m going to treat myself by having a relaxing bubble bath.”
Frame your thoughts in a positive way, distract your thoughts with something healthy.

Number 3:

Psychology of eating:
As soon as we tell ourselves no – our inner child wants it more!
We also like rules and order in our lives, so set up a chocolate schedule and take back control of your life.
For example: Work out first- have a deal with yourself – if you’re going to indulge, work out first. This will boost your metabolism so that less of the indulgence gets stored around your waist. This also prevents the common thinking “I’ll work out tomorrow to make up for this….” when tomorrow turns into next week turns into never.
Another way to do this: choose 2 days a week to indulge, then write down a list of all the chocolate treats that you want. When the indulge day comes, enjoy treats from your list.

I personally LOVE dark chocolate – everything in moderation right?! For a fun article on 8 Reasons to Eat More Chocolate’, check out this great article!



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