Phytogenesis CBD Review

I’m so excited to announce my partnership with Phytogenesis CBD! I’m committed to only reviewing the BEST CBD brands out there, and Phytogenesis definitely checks all the boxes! ⠀⠀

Their tag line is ‘World’s Best CBD’… and they back up that claim by starting with the best ingredients from the best hemp plants from the best hemp farms owned and operated by the best hemp farmers! WOW!! 


I tried out the ‘World’s Best CBD’ , and here’s what happened… 

Day 1

Heading out for the day and I’m taking Phytogenesis CBD with me everywhere I go! I notice that when I take a couple drops under my tongue it immediately makes me feel more relaxed and calm. I like to keep it on hand for a gentle chill out vibe whenever I need it! 


My method that I’m loving is to take 2-3 drops under my tongue, and hold it there for 60 seconds. I notice an immediate mild relaxation effect without making me feel lazy or drowsy! 


Plus I love that it’s organically grown, gluten free and sugar free. All natural products are the best!!

Day 3

I’ve been loving my experience with Phytogenesis CBD this week…. I like to keep a bottle in my car so I can use it anytime while I’m driving. This week especially with all the extra traffic from the Phoenix Open, Phytogenesis CBD has been super helpful to help me stay calm on the road! 


I can definitely tell that Phytogenesis CBD  is very high quality CBD since I notice an almost immediate effect when I take it. They use a proprietary extraction and purification process which allows for high levels of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids while eliminating THC. The result is a pure and potent CBD product!

Day 5

One of my favorite parts of the day is enjoying my morning coffee. This week I’ve been taking one dropper of Phytogenesis CBD with my coffee, and I notice that it totally cuts down on any jitters that I sometimes get from the coffee! This is HUGE for me because I love love love coffee! 

Day 7

After trying Phytogenesis CBD products for a week… I’m happy to share that I LOVE them!! The high quality and pure ingredients are so effective that I’ve been carrying a bottle with me everywhere I go for immediate calm and relaxation effects. 

This post is sponsored by Phytogenesis CBD   

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