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I recently joined bigcommerce.com for a discussion on CBD & E-commerce. We talked about CBD in general, the challenges that both consumers and distributors face, and where we see the future of CBD. 

You can watch the entire 49 min video here, or I also summarized some of the key points below. 

Some of the key points:

CBD impacts almost every part of the human body’s function. It helps bring the body back into balance and reach a state of homeostasis. 

There are many different ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD, and it takes trial and error to determine the best method and dose for you. Some of the most common CBD types:

  • Tincture
  • Gel caps
  • Gummies
  • Topical creams

The future of the CBD industry seems to be on a sharp upward slope with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

The 3 main areas of CBD growth that we discussed are:

  1. CBD experiences – CBD can be added to level up almost any experience. From helping travelers relax during a flight, to providing CBD treats when checking into a hotel, the possibilities are truly endless! 
  2. CBD in beauty products – what we put ON our skin is absorbed in the body almost the same as if we eat it! CBD can help boost beauty products to provide even more benefits for the customer.
  3. CBD in drinks. Many people are choosing to find alternatives to alcoholic drinks, and CBD drinks can provide a way to unwind with the side effects of alcohol.

One of the challenges of the CBD industry for the consumers is that CBD isn’t regulated in a way that makes it transparent as to what’s actually in the product, and even the correct dosage to take. The consumer is tasked with doing their own research to determine what will work best for them.

One of the main challenges that CBD brands face, is the e-commerce side.  Big Commerce has solved this for CBD brands so that they can focus more on building their brand and finding & marketing their niche. 

Overall, the future of CBD is exciting and it’s not too late to get into this industry whether as a consumer, retailer, manufacturer, or distributor!

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