How To… Get Out of Your Rut!


Do you feel like your stuck in the same situation over and over again? Maybe you don’t like your boss (and the feeling is mutual!), or maybe you just can’t seem to drop that weight … use this simple ‘Reframe Me’ Tool, to shift your thinking – and shift your life!

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Come with me as we go through 6 steps to get you out of your rut – this is a really powerful process and its even fun! SO let’s get going – make sure you have the ‘Reframe Me’ Tool in front of you because it spells everything out in a way that really makes this simple!

Step 1: What is your limiting belief?

What is going on with you right now, that you’re not liking? Is your boss out to make your life miserable? Do you feel like you’ll never lose that weight? Write down whatever is on your mind here…

Step 2: What activity do you do, when you have this belief?

When you are in this situation that you don’t like, what are you doing? For the work example, when your boss is making you miserable, are you trying extra hard to prove yourself to her, and always feeling like your not good enough?
If you feel like you’re never going to lose weight, what activities are you doing when you feel this way? Do you ever think “I’ll never lose the weight so I’m just going to eat a whole bag of cookies”?
Think about your situation and what you are doing in this situation…. and write it down.

Step 3: What are the results of this activity?

Now it’s time to face the truth here! What are your results right here right now? This is the reality – what results are you getting from the activities you’re doing? In the work example, are you starting to hate your job and feeling like you’re a failure?
If you’re trying to lose weight, but eating bags of junk food every night – what’s your result? Maybe you’re actually gaining weight and you feel helpless? Write down the truth here (no one ever has to see this!) – but sometimes admitting the truth to yourself if the hardest part! Write down what your current result is…
You can do this, I know you can! I’m right here beside you – we are at the turning point now where your life is about to change!

Step 4 – What is your desired result?

Now we get to have some fun!! What is the result that you really really want? Dream big – if you can have anything, what is it? For the war example, maybe you LOVE your job and feel like you’re valued with what you do.
For the weight loss example, maybe you have a body that you feel fabulous when you put on a swimsuit… think about what it is that you really want… and write it down!

Step 5 – What activities do you need to do, to achieve your desired result?

If you really want to have a job that you love – what actions and activities would you be doing if you already loved that job? Maybe you’d be cheerful all day long, putting out your best work and having a work life balance.
To get the body you want, maybe you would only keep healthy food in the house, and you would find activities that you love, like going for a walk with friends instead of happy hour.
Think about what you would be doing if you had already achieved your result – and guess what, these are the same activities that you will need to do to actually achieve your goals – they’re one and the same! Write down the activities that you’ll need to do, to achieve your desired result from step 4…

Step 6 – What empowering beliefs will help you to do this activity?

Here we go – the last step and we’ve gone full circle! What do you need to believe, that will help you to do the activities from Step 5? So if you want to be cheerful at work and have that balance – maybe your belief would be that – your boss is dealing with a lot of personal stuff right now, and she trusts you enough to be giving you so many responsibilities. Even though she doesn’t thank you for all of your hard work, you are very helpful and valuable in your role.
For the weight loss example – what beliefs would you need to have, to only keep healthy food in the house, and to choose social fitness activities? Maybe your belief would be that – YOU ARE WORTH IT! Maybe it’s finally time to put yourself first. Maybe you believe that you can do this, and even enjoy the journey of small wins.
Write down what your beliefs will be, that will help you to do the activities from step 5…

And that’s it – you’ve now reframed your thinking from focussing on the negative (what you don’t want), to focusing on what you do want, and how to get there. Doesn’t it feel empowering and exciting to have this tool in your hands?! You can use this over and over for any situation – this is my go-to system when I feel like I’m not happy in a certain situation.
Great job – Im proud of you for sticking it out and digging deep – it gets easier each time you do it! I’d love to hear what your new empowering beliefs are – please leave a comment below and let me know!

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