How To… Make A Decision


Do you have a tough time making decisions? I know that I do (at least I used to!) – it’s hard to know if your making the right choice, and with so many options out there – it would be tragic to make the wrong decision right?!

Here is an easy way to quickly make a decision and have confidence that you’ve made the right one!

Step 1 – What are your goals?

This isn’t rocket science here – and these don’t have to be your huge goals that you spend hours deliberating over what to choose! Just pick one, two, or three parts of your life that you want to focus on here. And they don’t even have to be super specific for this to work!

It could be weight loss, getting a promotion at work, spending more time with your family – think about what you want to focus on (and you can change this at any time too!)

The main point here is that you have some sort of direction – because if you don’t know where you want to go it’s going to be pretty tough for you to know if you’re headed in the right direction – this is why it can be so tough to make decisions sometimes!

Step 2 – write down your goals

Write them down and carry with you at all times, either keep them in a note on your phone or physically carry them on a piece of paper. This way, any time a decision comes up that isn’t clear to you what to do – you can actually look at your goals.

Step 3 – Make the Decision !

When a choice or decision comes up – ask yourself if your choice is going to take you closer to your goal or further away from your goal? Usually the answer is pretty clear!!

Here are some examples:

If your goal is to lose weight – when you’re deciding what to order at the restaurant, ask yourself if you meal choice is going to move your closer to a healthy weight, or farther away.

If your goal is to get a promotion at work – maybe there’s a phone call that you’ve been putting off that you don’t want to make. Ask yourself if making that call with move you closer to the promotion or farther away.

This way of thinking makes it so simple to quickly make a decisions and feel confident that you’re moving in a direction that you’re confident in! Using this method to make decisions will help you to quickly make a decision and feel good about it – no more second guessing yourself!

Until next time – I hope I inspire you to try something new and healthy today!

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