Healthy Holiday Hacks

Here are some quick and easy tips that can help to keep you feeling your best for a healthy holiday season!


Take your B-Vitamins

Extra stress, alcohol, and caffeine can deplete your b-vitamins. These are essential for your metabolism, stress management, and energy, so make sure to take these every day during the holiday season. If you regularly drink alcohol or coffee, or have a lot of stress (who doesn’t do at least one of these?!), then it’s a good idea to take a B-Complex 5 times a week, year round.

Deep Breathing

This can be a very powerful tool to keep your stress in check. Any time that you notice your body tensing up, or your breathing becoming shallow – do this simple breathing trick: Breathe in for a count of 3, hold in for a count of 3, breathe out for a count of 3, hold out for a count of 3. Even just one cycle of this breath work can help your nervous system reset. Try it and notice how different it makes you feel!



Take 10 minute for fitness

This busy time of year can be tough to stick to a regular workout routine. Commit to taking minimum 10 minutes a day just for you. This can be a vigorous morning walk, a quick interval workout, evening stretching… anything that gets your body moving. I have a hill by my house that I run up when I’m short on time!

Pic 2


Eat your greens!

During this season of indulgence, making sure that you eat green foods every day will help to keep your body alkaline, which can help keep your body energized and balanced.


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Enjoy holiday treats!

That’s right, you have permission to enjoy the special holiday foods, just do so in moderation. Choose foods that you don’t have a chance to eat often (think: turkey, stuffing, eggnog…), and avoid the foods that you can have anytime (think: bread and butter, beer…). This will help you to control your calories, while still enjoying the festive foods.

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I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extrlmeey easy for me!