Coffee… Good or Bad?

As a nutritionist, I’m always on the lookout for fact vs fiction. You can literally google (almost) anything, and find science to back up whichever side of the fence you want to be on.

So.. I decided to do my own research, look at the facts on BOTH sides, and give you the best info to make your own decision.  Feel free to skip to the bottom for the executive summary 🙂

Let’s get to the bottom of some common coffee beliefs:

Fact or Fiction? Coffee is addictive

Fiction! Coffee stimulates the nervous system, and allows us to think clearer.  But good news – there’s no evidence to back up that it’s addictive.  You can get used to the feeling of being more stimulated, which may make you feel like you’re craving that cup of joe.


Fact or Fiction: Coffee has health benefits

Fact! Numerous studies show that coffee is very protective against heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and helps with blood sugar management, weight loss, exercise performance, focus, happiness, and many more benefits!


Fact or Fiction: It’s bad to drink too much coffee.

Fiction! Studies show that drinking 3 -4 cups of coffee daily are cardio protective. This is dependent on how fast you metabolize caffeine – if you’re a slow metabolizer, that means that caffeine takes longer to leave your system, you might want to drink 2 cups max a day. But if you’re a fast metabolizer, drink away! It’s all individual, so notice how you feel and moderate as needed.


Fact or Fiction? Coffee can help with weight loss.

Fact! Coffee stimulates the metabolism and can give you that extra edge to drop those pounds! In addition, coffee can give you that extra boost of energy to power through the workout (or even just show up at the gym). Coffee has even been shown to suppress the appetite and lead to less cravings.


Fact or Fiction? Local coffee is the healthiest.

Fiction! I’m all for local sourced products and food, but it all comes down to quality. It all has to do with how the coffee bean is chosen and prepared. It has less to do with where it’s from, and more about the quality.Look for:

Look for:

Organic beans – nasty pesticides and chemicals are harmful to your health in so many ways, including impairing brain function, increasing fat storage, and even causing cancer! So be sure to choose organic beans for maximum health benefits.

Wet processing – when the beans are processed in a dry state, they’re often not properly dried and this can cause mold to form. Mold is a toxin that’s becoming more heavily studied for all of the scary effects it has on the body including killing brain cells, suppressing the immune system and even causing cancer!  So be sure to choose ‘wet processed’ beans.

Single origin beans – there’s more care put into these selections, than the multi-origin which is often a mish-mash of the leftover beans from multiple providers. These beans are more easily traced to how they were grown (organic with no pesticides or scary chemicals).


So what now?

It turns out that an overwhelming number of studies show that coffee is indeed good for you! Be aware of how you process caffeine and drink the right amount according to your personal limits. Also, be sure to choose organic, mold free coffee like my favorite brand, purity coffee. You’ll notice a difference with a clean, energized feeling without the jitters and other negative effect that come from impure coffee beans.

PS – you can use code JOLENE at for 20% off your first purchase!!

This is a Purity Coffee sponsored post 🙂 



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I don’t understand sometimes coffee gives me a headache and makes me feel nervous but I still love coffee especially when it’s iced or cold.