The Best Post Workout Snack 

What’s your favorite snack to eat after you work out? I’ve been having a tough time finding something besides a protein shake or bar – so I went on a quest to find what I feel is the BEST snack to eat after fitness. 

After trying all types of foods, I’ve discovered my new favorite post workout superfood … It’s silky smooth yogurt mixed with refreshing aloe vera gel cubes!! A company called Alove recently brought this genius mixture from Japan to the United States. I can’t believe no one has thought to do this until now! Aloe vera yogurt has been a popular treat in Japan since 1994, and it’s finally made its way to America for us to enjoy! 

We all know the health benefits of yogurt, including the good bacteria probiotics which are all so important for a healthy body. Yogurt is also a great source of protein and easily digestible, which is great after a workout to quickly replenish the depleted muscles. 

Aloe vera is a lesser known superfood. It’s very refreshing and cooling for the body. So, after fitness, when the body is feeling hot and stressed, aloe is amazing to help combat some of the stresses of fitness. 

Combining aloe vera with yogurt is such a cool concept! It nourishes and soothes the body from the inside out, which is the perfect post workout combo! 

Plus, it’s so satisfying to have refreshing cubes of aloe floating in silky-smooth yogurt. After my first bite, I was hooked! Now, I can’t wait to finish my workouts so that I can enjoy Alove yogurt with aloe vera gel cubes. 

Another thing that I love about Alove yogurt is that it tastes silkier and smoother than traditional yogurt. This makes it so much more refreshing and tasty! 

If I’ve had a really tough workout and need to cool down asap, I’ll blend the Alove yogurt with some ice cubes for a super quick and simple smoothie. It tastes so good on its own it doesn’t even need any other flavors! 

You can find it here:

Let me know what you think of Alove, my new favorite post workout snack!! 

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This is an Alove sponsored post 🙂 

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Alove is definitely a perfect post work out snack. I’ll probably try that one when I have the opportunity to work out. It’s perfect to be part of everyone’s diet plan.