A new mode of transportation

I was so excited to receive my very own electric scooter from GoTrax… the sleek GXL V2! It was really easy to put together – I’m not very handy with things like that; but I quickly and easily did it all by myself!

Living in Scottsdale is interesting in the sense that most of it really isn’t a walking city. We live just far enough away from most of the shopping areas to not have any option except to drive or Uber. That is, until now!! 

My new GXL V2 electric scooter is perfect for me to run errands or go meet a friend for lunch. It’s a great alternative to driving (I fully support reducing carbon emissions!). Plus, some shopping areas are notorious for a lack of parking. I would actually avoid going to certain spots because I’d stress about finding a parking spot!! But now that I can just take the scooter, it’s easy to lock it up anywhere and there’s no parking problems to deal with! 

Plus, my family LOVES riding it around the neighborhood! My husband had the biggest grin from ear to ear when he took it for a spin… it’s super fun to ride and brings back a playful childhood vibe too! 

I personally LOVE fitness and being outside, but I know that many people don’t like to break a sweat, so they avoid outdoor activities. This is an easy way for absolutely anyone to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Fresh air and sunshine both have so many health benefits, including natural vitamin D and increasing endorphins. I know that I feel an instant burst of happiness every time that I step outside in the sun; hopefully the new rise of electric scooters will inspire more people to enjoy the invigoration of being outside! 

This is a GoTrax sponsored post 🙂 You can use code jolene10 for 10% off your own electric scooter!

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