Top 3 Fitness Recovery Tips

I LOVE to be active and am always trying fun new activities. Last week was horse riding, this week is golf. I find that constantly challenging my body in new ways, helps me to build muscle, and also keeps fitness fun! But the downside of always trying new activities is that sometimes my muscles are sore afterward. So I’ve developed 3 simple tips that I use to minimize any muscle soreness:

1. Stay hydrated!

Water is essential for a healthy body, and it also helps your body to flush out toxins. This helps to minimize any post fitness muscle soreness.

2. Stretch AFTER the fitness activity.

Stretching muscles after fitness helps to prevent soreness. It’s better to stretch after (not before) the activity because your muscles are warmed up, and they’ve been working hard and might be tense. Stretching helps them to relax and not stay tense, which helps with soreness.

3. Use a massage gun. I love the OPOVE Deep Tissue Massage Gun.

This massage gun helps my muscles to relax and I notice an effect within just one minute of using it! It feels like a gentle deep tissue massage, and I especially love to use it on my legs, since the muscles there are usually extra tight. If I use the massage gun the same day as my fitness activity, I usually have zero muscle soreness the next day!! 

Thank you to OPOVE for sending me the massage gun to review – I love it!! 

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