Can a Supplement play a part in how we age?

In my continual quest for natural ways to look and feel my best I’ve been doing a TON of research (yes, embracing my inner geek!) …. I believe that health and beauty start from the inside out. A healthy, plant-based diet is key to looking and feeling great. Regular Fitness is integral to a healthy body and mind. But the missing puzzle piece is choosing the right supplement. There’s SO many choices out there with various claims ranging from the sensational (lose 10 pounds in 3 days… REALLY?!?!) to the confusing (helps to regulate a healthy body… what does THAT mean?!)… it can be super confusing to sort the fact from the fiction!! 

When I came across OmegaBrite, I was impressed with the level of scientific studies that actually backed up their Omega-3 product.  OmegaBrite has a specific 7:1 EPA to DHA ratio. Only OmegaBrite provides you with 70% EPA.OmegaBrite is the ONLY supplement that is clinically proven to lengthen telomeres! Haven’t heard of telomeres yet? Here’s the scoop: telomeres are the endcaps that protect out DNA, important for our health and longevity. As we age, our telomeres get shorter and shorter. The shorter our telomers, the more susceptible we are to disease, infections, and even death. So, a supplement that was clinically shown to lengthen telomeres, that’s about as close as we have come to turning back the clock … how cool is that?!? 

I’ve been taking OmegaBrite for 2 weeks now, and I actually notice a huge difference in my health… my skin is glowing (we all know my obsessive quest for glowing skin!), I’m feeling really happy lately (Omega-3s are known to increase mood), and I’ve even dropped a couple pounds, which is an awesome benefit to taking Omega-3s! OmegaBrite’s 70/10MD Advanced Omega-3 Formula is a natural way to promote cardiac health, mental clarity, emotional well-being, positive mood, cognitive clarity, comfortable joint health, good digestion, aid in weight loss, and overall health.

I highly recommend you give OmegaBrite a try and experience these great results for yourself!! 


This is an OmegaBrite sponsored post 🙂

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