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Taking the train from Florence to Naples was super easy, and much easier than catching a plane. Once again we upgraded to the executive seats, and enjoyed a restful trip watching the Italian countryside fly by.

Arriving in Naples, we checked in Hotel Romeo – the fact that my puppy is named Romeo, I liked this hotel before I even saw it! The hotel was right across the street from the Mediterranean, so the location was perfect. And the inside – one of the coolest places I’ve stayed at in Italy! Very modern and it had a kind of upscale ‘W’ hotel feel to it.


Hotel Romeo had a Michelin star chef as their guest chef for the month, so we ate at the very cool sushi bar at our hotel – there was actually a mini stream running thought the table!



Day 1 – Positano

The next day, we had a driver take us along the Amalfi coast. The coastline is incredibly beautiful, with very narrow hairpin curvy roads that snake along the water. Not for the faint of heart, but we loved the adventure!


Our driver took us to look around Sorrento, Positano, and Ravello. Each town was so beautiful that we just wanted to stay and enjoy the ambiance. The roads were mostly along the coastline, so we got to stop frequently to take in the views.


We stopped for lunch at a cute restaurant on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. I think we ate bruschetta with almost every meal in Italy, and I didn’t get sick of it once! We also enjoyed limoncello with a view 🙂

After all of our long days in Rome and Florence, it was nice to have a relaxing day driving around and taking in the atmosphere!


Day 2 – Capri

The next day we set sail for Capri! We had Captain Giovanni take us around the island of Capri in a little boat – it was really cool to see the island from the water!

Our boat was small enough that we could even go into some caves that other boats couldn’t make it into – thankfully Giovanni was a great captain, because it was a pretty tight fit for some of these hidden caves!



We had a picnic on the boat, with simple yet delicious baguette sandwiches and wine. The quality of food is so pure in Italy, that a sandwich of only cheese and tomato tastes gourmet! We relaxed on the boat all afternoon as our captain toured us around the entire island.


After our boat excursion, we wandered around Capri for a bit. I discovered a quaint little shoe shop, where they actually measure your feet and custom make sandals for you right on the spot. I got a cute pair of silver sandals made that are my current favorites (and oh so comfy too!). I also had to try the ‘limoncello slushie’ which was really refreshing after a long day of boating and shopping 🙂

After a full day on Capri, we headed back to our hotel for another dinner at our Hotel Romeo Sushi bar – delicious as always!!



Day 3 – Vesuvius

Time for another fitness day!! We went with a guide to walk around Pompeii for a couple of hours in the morning. It was really interesting to walk through a day in the life of a typical person living in Pompeii. Our guide was really funny, showing us the ‘red light district’ of Pompeii, and teaching us how to distinguish the ruins of houses vs shops. We also learned that the male private parts (let’s keep this G rated!) were carved on most shops, as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Once we learned that little tidbit, everywhere we looked we saw these phallic carvings! 

After our cultural morning, it was time to hike up Mt. Vesuvius! It wasn’t a difficult hike, although you would want to be in reasonable shape to do it.


Once we got to the top of Vesuvius, wow! The crater is larger than I expected, and really deep. Mt. Vesuvius is an active volcano and is expected to erupt again in the (near) future. On days that it is smoking, no one is allowed to climb it, so we were lucky to be able to do so.


The view from the top was incredible, looking out over Naples, the Mediterranean, and even being higher than the clouds!

After our adventure packed day, we decided to conclude our time on the Amalfi Coast, with a relaxing seaside dinner. A plate of fresh seafood was exactly what I was hoping for! Once again, the simple yet pure ingredients made every meal taste amazing.


We finished our evening by having a glass of wine, looking out over the ocean, and remembering all of our fun adventures. What a perfect end to a perfect trip!!


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