The Best Post Workout Snack 

What’s your favorite snack to eat after you work out? I’ve been having a tough time finding something besides a protein shake or bar – so I went on a quest to find what I feel is the BEST snack to eat after fitness.  After trying all types of foods, I’ve...

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Great Things To Do In Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city rich in history and culture, and anyone who has ever been there can attest to that.  From national parks to family-friendly activities, Albuquerque truly has something for everyone. Here are just a few great things to do in...

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Coffee… Good or Bad?

As a nutritionist, I’m always on the lookout for fact vs fiction. You can literally google (almost) anything, and find science to back up whichever side of the fence you want to be on. So.. I decided to do my own research, look at the facts on BOTH sides, and give you...

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5 Great Fitness Apps To Try

App stores these days are overflowing with tools that can assist us with fitness and general wellness. There are innumerable ways to exercise and stay in good shape, and naturally there seems to be an app (or a dozen apps) for each one of them! This is great for those...

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  Here is your free downloadable food and fitness journal — it's simple, easy, and effective! One of the best proven ways to stay on track with healthy choices is by keeping a food and fitness journal because it allows you to examine and to be accountable for...

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5 Healthy Kitchen Essentials

Here are the top 5 essential foods for when you want to shed a couple pounds, have more energy, and improve your health. Keep these in your kitchen at all times! 1. Good quality protein shake – replace one meal daily with the shake to get rid of extra holiday...

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5 Habits to Melt Belly Fat

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as that stubborn belly fat that sits around your waist, makes your pants tight and destroys your confidence. If you have belly fat to lose, then chances are great that you are harboring one or more of these 5 habits that cause...

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3 Minute Workout

The last workout you will ever need: It’s as easy as 1-2-3 Are you ready to finally find the workout that you can do at home in 3 minutes a day, that gets results, AND that is fun to do? Look no further – here is the LAST workout that you will ever need! 1: Choose ONE...

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Natural Hangover Cures

Overindulged this past weekend? It can happen to the best of us! Join me on Good Morning AZ as I share some natural remedies to help you feel better fast! Water! As you are out enjoying yourself, drink one glass of water with each alcoholic beverage. Have a glass...

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Are You Addicted To Chocolate?

Are you addicted to chocolate? Join me on The List TV show, where I share how to resist eating all the chocolate in the world!   Theobroma Cacao, the Latin name for chocolate, means “Food of the Gods”  Number 1: Switch to dark chocolate… milk chocolate has...

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How To… Design your own supplement routine

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, it can get super confusing to know what to take, when to take it, and how much to take! I’ll break down exactly what I take and why, and also help you design your own supplement routine, whether you’re just starting out, or...

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How To… Make A Decision

  Do you have a tough time making decisions? I know that I do (at least I used to!) - it’s hard to know if your making the right choice, and with so many options out there - it would be tragic to make the wrong decision right?! Here is an easy way to quickly make...

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How To… Get Out of Your Rut!

  Do you feel like your stuck in the same situation over and over again? Maybe you don't like your boss (and the feeling is mutual!), or maybe you just can't seem to drop that weight ... use this simple 'Reframe Me' Tool, to shift your thinking - and shift your...

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How to …Have More Time

  Wish that you could have more time in your life? The good news is that you can have more time – all it takes is a little bit of awareness … but first let’s start with a story ☺ Get More Time - Cheat Sheet Free Instant Download! We respect your privacy. Your...

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What is it like to try cryotherapy?

With warm weather settled in, why not try something cool – literally? Cryotherapy – or ‘Cryo’ for short - is a new service that is becoming popular in most major cities – it gives you the benefits of a 30 minute cold bath in just 3 minutes! What are the reported...

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1 Day Cleanse Kit

If you’ve had yourself an indulgent weekend (hey - it happens to all of us!)  ...and now you want to reset and undo some of the damage ... This 1 Day Cleanse Kit will leave you feeling vibrant, energized and glowing!  Free 1 Day Cleanse Kit Instant...

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Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie During these hot days of summer, I start to crave a cool, refreshing smoothie that’s not too heavy, not too sweet, and that gets my tastebuds singing. Here is a simple smoothie that tastes DELISH and is super easy to make (and of...

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